The Idiot Johnson

Boris Johnson is often very funny but is clearly an idiot.

I know he went to Eton and Oxford, but any intelligence present in his early life has clearly been squandered.

As evidence I present his recent article for The Telegraph: "If Ed Miliband's in the driving seat, Nicola Sturgeon will be steering him to the Left", 19th April 2015.

He opens the article by likening the SNP in Government to getting "Herod to run a baby farm".

For a start, what on earth is a baby farm?

Anyway, putting to one side Boris' obsession with iron-age, infanticidal, middle-east monarchs, the gist of the article is that the SNP will probably win the majority of Scottish seats in the coming election and will be the natural allies for The Labour Party to form a government. For Boris, this is a bad thing.

Boris seems to have a real problem with the SNP having a presence in Westminster as they're nationalists and left-wing, but last time I checked people can vote for whoever they like - it's called democracy.

Also, Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom - they had a referendum last year that decided that most Scots would like to remain in the UK - and can return the MPs of whatever party they want.

Boris is very opposed to The Labour Party forming a coalition with a nationalist party that represents just one part of the United Kingdom. So, I presume, the Conservatives will not be entering any sort of agreement with Ulster Unionists. Oh, you will? I thought as much.

Here's a thought Boris, why don't you and your fellow Conservatives try and win a few seats in Scotland? Oh, I forgot, you've spent the best part of forty years alienating Scotland to the point where you can only pick up one or two seats at best … at worst, none at all. There was a time when the Conservatives could win the majority of Scottish seats in a General Election - not any more.

I don't have a problem with Scottish nationalists in the UK parliament. They have as much right to be there, making decisions about the whole country, as any other group of MPs from any other part of the country.

If I have a problem, it's with the electoral system.

The SNP are estimated to have about 4% of the UK national vote, but if things go as expected they could have 8% of seats in Westminster. UKIP (whatever you think of them) and The Green Party between them are estimated to have about 18% of the national vote but will only have less than 1% of seats in parliament.

Our democracy in not working, and Boris, you're an idiot.

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